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conscious party front_printConscious Party –  Celebrate Yourself
Meditation, Yoga, Dance and Celebration

Sun Sept 14   16:00 to 21:00
Contribution €5

You are more than welcome to dip in for 30 minutes or enjoy the whole spectrum from 16:00 to 21:00.

These will be the 30 minute classes:
16:00 -16:30
Body Activation with Michele Kadison
16:00 – 16:30
Endorphin Yoga with Angela Collins Yoga
Biodanza with Susu Grunenberg
Mandala Meditation with Hanna Tempelhagen
Uplifting Yoga with Anya Ki
17:30 – 18:00
Meditation & Hypnosis with Krisana Locke
Sufi Whirling with Dhyana Danceleg
Darkness Meditation with Ali von Stein
Dance and DJ with Janos Grimm
Dancing and DJ with Marc Röwer

There will be drinks to buy, coconut water, juices and a few snacks for your enjoyment as well

07_day_smallDay Osho Dynamic Meditation Beginners and Practice Course

29 September – 05 October 07:30-08:30,

The seven day beginners and practice course will give you a thorough energetic understanding of this revolutionary meditation technique for todays people. Beginners and seasoned meditators welcome. The focus is on an individual commitment, going on a journey, 1 week of Yes to life, to health, to inner growth. A retreat in daily life with the support of meditation facilitators and the group energy.

The process is 7 mornings, 1 hour daily.

€ 50 / reduced € 40  Register until two days before the course begins
Check schedule page.

21_day_small 21 Day Osho Dynamic Meditation Challenge Practice Course

20 October – 09 November   07:30 – 08:30  €100 / Students €80

If you joined us in our previous OSHO 21-Day Dynamic Meditation Challenge at the studio in Berlin, you already understand the incredible power of this journey and you’re ready for more!

If this will be your first time in the challenge, get ready to discover the untapped potential that rests within you, opening yourself to freedom, centering, silence and extraordinary bliss. You will have daily support and guidance from experienced OSHO Active Meditation facilitators, who have been sharing 21 day Osho Dynamic Meditation challenges worldwide. They will support you to move beyond obstacles and experience the benefits of meditation and awareness in your daily life.


Vipassana and  Zazen sitting and walk

Full Moon Sitting  & Dancing TBA  € 10/ €8

A 90 minute meditation session with 2 intervals of Dance

Vipassana sitting meditation – when you become a witness of the cycles of your breath.
Watching the breath is a useful tool for the meditator, the breath anchors you in the present. As we come into that awareness of the present moment consciousness expands – ultimately towards eternity. For centuries this meditation technique has helped millions of people to awaken consciousness in the East and more recently in the West. It helps tremendously to empty the mind and come into that state of openness, of wonder and oneness with all that is.

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