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OSHO Body Mind Balancing – Using your mind to heal your body Process 7 mornings, 1 hour daily

A relaxation and guided meditation process for reconnecting with your body. It helps people learn to use the body-mind connection to support their health and well being. It is offered as a seven day series of one-hour sessions. Krisana facilitates a guided healing process, communicating with your unconscious.
You will learn how to communicate with your mind and body at a very deep level. You will recognize how mind and feelings are expressed through your body. Issues such as pain, acute and chronic illness, addictive behaviors and any forms of stress (e.g. Overeating, smoking, overuse of coffee, alcohol, sugar etc.) or for anything in the body which is out of natural balance, can be effectively healed.
An opportunity to activate your own self healing powers and to give yourself the gift of a one hour daily deep relaxation.
Modern medical science is only beginning to recognize what the sages and mystics have always known: that the mind and body are not separate entities but deeply related. The mind can affect the condition of the body, just as the condition of the body can affect the mind.
The meditation last one hour and should be done for seven days preferable early morning. It is done in silence, sitting or lying down.

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