OSHO Mystic Rose


Mystic Rose is a journey into yourself. 
For 3 weeks we meet for 3 hours every day for a healing process, that transforms the body and mind.
You are left with a childlike freshness and wonder

First Week – Laughter
In the first week we go into laughter totally to liberate ourselves from the sickness of seriousness. In this delightful group situation we become more playful and are able to learn to laugh at ourselves and at life in general. Although it would seem impossible to laugh for three hours, the collective energy of the group makes it happen. Many layers of inhibitions will be released in this week. You will laugh as you have never laughed before.

Laughter and humour therapy is becoming widely recognised throughout Europe and America as a deep healing technique and is practised in the major hospitals to help healing of the body. Scientific research now shows that laughter improves our immune system, releases depressions, lowers blood pressure, relieves pain and is amazingly successful in all stress related conditions. This week of laughter offers the deepest and most profound experience available in the field of laughter therapy today. The psychological benefits will help you gain a new perspective on life and how to live joyfully in relaxation.

Second Week – Tears
The second week of tears, takes us to a deeper level where our sadness, despair hurts and wound that hold us in fear and pain, can be released. Our tears have been deeply suppressed and this causes disease and illness and many psychological problems. In the expression and release through crying, we dissolve lifetimes of pain and suffering. It can open us to a lightness and strength we seldom experience.

Third Week – The Watcher of the Hill
After all the cleansing and release of the first two weeks, we now easily drop into silence and meditation, allowing us to slip into our inner reality with relaxation and awareness. We become “The Watcher Within”. There are three sittings of 50 minutes, with gentle dancing inbetween to move the body.
This week will help us to become more centered in the present moment.


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