OSHO Devavani Meditation

tile_meditation_devavaniDevavani is the Divine Voice which moves and speaks through the meditator, who becomes an empty vessel, a channel. 
This meditation is a Lathihan of the tongue. It relaxes the conscious mind so deeply that, when done last thing at night, is sure to be followed by a profound sleep.

1st Stage 15 minutes
With eyes closed sit quietly, preferably with gentle music playing.

2nd Stage: 15 minutes
Keeping your eyes closed, start making nonsense sounds, for example ‘la. . . la. . . la. . .’, and continue until unfamiliar word-like sounds arise. These sounds need to come from the unfamiliar part of the brain used as a child, before words were learned. Allow a gentle conversational intonation; do not cry or shout, laugh or scream.

3rd Stage 15 minutes
Keeping your eyes closed, stand up and continue to speak, allowing your body to move softly in harmony with the sounds. If your body is relaxed the subtle energies will create a Latihan outside your control.

4th Stage 15 minutes
Keeping your eyes closed, lie down and be silent and still.

“The only thing to be remembered is that those sounds or words should not be of any language that you know. If you know English, German, and Italian, then they should not be Italian, German, or English. Any other language that you don’t know is allowed – Tibetan, Chinese, Japanese! But if you know Japanese then it is not allowed – then Italian is wonderful
. Speak any language that you don’t know. You will be in a difficulty for a few seconds only for the first day, because how do you speak a language you don’t know ? It can be spoken, and once it starts, any sounds, nonsense words just to put the conscious off and allow the unconscious to speak, will happen.
When the unconsciousness speaks, the unconscious knows no language. It is a very, very old method. It comes from the old testament. In those days it was called glossolalia. A few churches in America still use it. They call it ‘talking in tongues’. And it is a wonderful method, one of the most deep and penetrating into the unconscious.
Don’t make it feverish, let it be a deep deep comforting energy, nourishing, sing-song. Enjoy, sway, if you feel like dancing, dance. But everything has to be very graceful, that you have to remember. It has not to become cathartic.”
OSHO “The Orange Book”

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