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OSHO Dynamic Meditation – This meditation technique and its practice is open and recommended for people of all ages and backgrounds, beginners as well as seasoned meditators, who would like to live with less stress and suffering, and who are sincere about their health and personal transformation.

OSHO Dynamic Meditation Research Project in the heart of New York City and Berlin, Germany

The Meditation Module began a research project on 9 September, 2003 in New York City with OSHO Dynamic Meditation. At 7:00 am every morning for 2 years the same core group of people came to practice this morning meditation technique. What was discovered was more than the practice. The lives of the participants transformed physically, mentally and spiritually. Quality of life and circumstances improved rapidly as well. Due to a change of premise in September 2005 Dynamic Meditation was shared in a 21 day format every month at the New York Core Center until 2010.

In 2007 the Directors of The Meditation Module NYC Krisana Locke and Ali von Stein moved to Berlin, Germany and began research and practice there with OSHO Dynamic Meditation as a 7 day ‘Practice Course’ and a 21 day ‘Challenge’ format, every month at Osho Studio which they founded. In March, 2009 Meditation Module/Osho Studio participated in a clinical research study into the effects of Osho Dynamic Meditation with researchers from John Hopkins Hospital Washington D.C. and Lake Shore University in Texas. 30 volunteers underwent a course of 7 days of Dynamic Meditation. Psychological as well as epigenetic variables were tested.

Testimonials Berlin, NYC
“My twenty one days journey of Dynamic meditation was the most powerful experience in my life. Each day was for me like to go out to a date with the truth, Sometimes it was tough but most of the time it was delightful. I let my emotions flow to take me to different places every day without judging myself and those feelings left me speechless and happier, a real-deep-feeling of happiness. And after these twenty-one days, I can tell, my journey has just begun.” Idan

“Dear Krisana and Ali,
The birth of my daughter Freya at Friday the 26th of February at my home was such an intensive thing and I just want to let you know that all the love I felt was because of the things I learned with both at Osho studio.
I had a long night with irregular contractions and I spent the whole night with Osho Nadabrahma meditation in absolutely silence and darkness and it supported a productive feeling for the birth. Nora was my midwife and we talked so much about all our meditation experiences at your studio and I feel such a deep love for you both for sharing all this with me!
Osho Dynamic meditation changed my life and I got pregnant during my most intensive 21 Day Dynamic Meditation in May…I will never forget this! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. All I feel is love! And of course I`m looking forward to share the Dynamic meditation as soon as possible….in love”Kati

21 Days Osho Dynamic Meditation
“We all discovered a little more awareness, love, silence and celebration in ourselves and in the heart of NYC. -David




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