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Our mission is to create a space that cultivates a balance between community and the individual. The space functions as a frame for a gathering of individuals to explore themselves through meditation, play and creative collaboration. Its a space for you to experiment, dive in and be!
OSHO Active Meditation, Yoga, Dance, Pilates, performance and art have been tied into a program that offers a new creative experience.

The founders directors Krisana Locke and Ali von Stein brought this growing living project from NYC to Berlin to support you as you rediscover yourself and experience and explore your own way of transformation and experience practical ways to improve the quality of your lives, in your relationships, and in your contributions to society. Celebrate with us in a spirit of openness and creative love.

ali_headshotAli von Stein
 is a founding director of Osho Studio. Ali is an actor and theatre director and has grown in meditation for some 30 years with the guidance of Osho. He is working as an artist, actor and director in New York City and Berlin. With his partner Krisana Locke he founded and developed The Meditation Module NYC and created the Play2C / Osho Studio in Berlin. He is happy and grateful to be part in this carnival of life – the play, the silence, the celebration.
Ali von Stein is a certifying trainer for Osho Meditation Facilitators.

Krisana2Krisana Locke, from Australia, is a founding director of Play2C / Osho Studio, she has over 17 years years practical experience in working with people as a trained therapist and meditation teacher. She has studied a wide range of therapeutic approaches, including Neo-Reichian Breath and Body Work, Osho Diamond Breath Therapy, Family Constellation and Counseling. For many years she lived and worked at the Osho Meditation Resort in Pune, India, one of the largest personal growth centers in the world. Krisana has offered courses, workshops and trainings in U.S.A, Europe, Chile, India and Australia. She loves focusing on the play of life energy and the endless dance of transformation through meditation.
Krisana Locke is a certifying trainer for Osho Meditation Facilitators.

Rebecca Rainey Pilates teacher headshotRebecca Rainey, from U.S.A. Has 13 years experience with Pilates. Rebecca has a Pilates Mat certification through Erika Bloom Pilates Plus (795 Madison Ave, NYC), an internationally recognized certification, where she was assistant manager. She has participated in workshops taught by leading Pilates minds, Kelly Kane, Lesley Powell, and Kuan Hiu Chew. A professional dancer, she uses her kinesthetic knowledge of the body combined with a regular yoga practice, and Pilates knowledge. Her Pilates Mat class utilizes the exercises created by Joseph Pilates in a contemporary context. With a focus on deep engagement of the core muscles, correct body mechanics, coordinated breath, and a clear mind-body congruity is featured.

michele k headshotMichele Kadison’s over 30 years experience teaching dance resulted in the development of Body Activation. A new approach to fitness that releases stress, realigns the body, and corrects problems that come from repetitive movement such as prolonged computer work and other activities that compromise the neck and spine, as well as other parts of the body. Her in-depth knowledge of anatomy and kinesiology combined with precise imagery, detailed instruction, and hands-on guidance is designed to promote healthy and lasting results.

jamie-oshostudioJamie St Clair has worked as a meditation leader and therapist in several continents around the world since 1990. He first got involved in the Who is In process in 2010, immersing himself in the one and two week Satori intensives with Ganga Cording and Avikal Constantin where he was trained as a facilitator. He brings his experience in bodywork, therapy, and meditation to his work with people. He’s also organized groups and retreats in the US. Jamie first did the Who is In process, called Enlightenment Intensive in 1979.

portrait janosJanos Grimm grew up on the north sea coast of Germany. He studied philosophy and German Literature. His dance experience includes training in Butoh Dance which taught him a lot to open new dimensins of freedom. Since 2001 he has been dancing in Trance Dance and Dance Ritual fields. Since 2004 he has been designing Dance Ritual Sessions in which the free unfolding of the dancers is an important element. For Janos dancing is an experiment , experience of creating free form community.

Susu_portraitSusu Grunenberg BIODANZA facilitator, artist for performing installations, Somatic Experiencing (SE) ® practitioner.Biodanza “the Dance of Life” found me and I dance motion and emotion. It has moved my life, my inner being. Together with many other facilitators I carry Biodanza arround the world. Biodanza is an integration system of self-development and affective re-education. Through it I found a big trust in life, joy, passion and inspiration – wild, deep, sensible, connected and free. 


Anand Kiran, born in Romania, a literature graduate from Letters University, she has worked in education, tourism and the media whilst nurturing her inner world by exploring the connection between body, mind and spirit. Through extensive travels and trainings she acquired experience in a wide field of modalities from Zazen, Yoga, Tantra, Breath as well as OSHO Active Meditations and body oriented therapy. Her love for dance brought her in contact with Wilbert Alix the creator of Trance Dance Ritual. She is a Trance Dance Ritual facilitator, collaborating with Trance Dance International Institute since 2010. She is a certified AUM & Social Meditations Leader by OSHO Humaniversity Netherlands.

head jivan

Prem Jivan, born in Portugal and a trained Economics from Lisbon University worked as an entrepreneur and manager and a creative consultant for international companies for the last 20 years. His favorite motto – “Experience is the thing”- took him to unexpected paths and life teachers, travelling, studying and exploring meditation, Tantra, movement and experiential therapy. He is a certified AUM & Social Meditations Leader by OSHO Humaniversity Netherlands. When organizing and leading active meditations, Tantra and AUM sessions, he brings his own experience and flavor to it. Jivan is based in Bucharest and travels sharing his work.

arpita-2Arpita V. Hamilton is a health practitioner and is certified and registered in Craniosacral Biodynamics, BCST, and is also a tutor and supervisor for this work. She is trained in the trauma resolution work from Peter Levine, Somatic Experiencing, SEP. She has a Master degree in Reiki and has trained in Esoteric Bodywork as well as massage. For more than 35 years she has been deeply involved with her own inner exploration through meditation, self-awareness and yoga. This has led her to the Awareness Intensive process ‘Who is in’ / Satori. She has trained with Ganga Cording and Avikal Costantino and is now a facilitator for this work and loves to share her rich experience and understanding through her work. She is available for individual sessions and also leads events, workshops and the ‘Who is in’ process.



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