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For people  to explore themselves through Osho Active meditation and personal development

The founders directors Krisana Locke and Ali von Stein brought this growing living project from NYC to Berlin to support you as you rediscover yourself and experience and explore your  way of transformation and experience practical ways to improve the quality of your lives, in your relationships, and in your contributions to society.

ali_headshotAli von Stein
 is a founding director of Osho Studio. Ali is an actor and theatre director and has grown in meditation for some 30 years with the guidance of Osho. Ali co founded and developed with Krisana Locke  The Meditation Module NYC and created the Play2C / Osho Studio in Berlin. He is happy and grateful to be part in this carnival of life – the play, the silence, the celebration.
Ali von Stein is a certifying trainer for Osho Meditation Facilitators.

Krisana2Krisana Locke is a founding director of Play2C / Osho Studio in Berlin, she has over 20 years years practical experience in working with people as a trained therapist and meditation teacher. She has studied a wide range of therapeutic approaches, including Neo-Reichian Breathwork & Body Types, Bioenergetics, Trauma Work and Healing, Breath Therapy, Family Constellation and Life Coaching.  Krisana offers courses, workshops and trainings in U.S.A, Europe, Chile, India and Australia. She loves focusing on the play of life energy and the endless dance of transformation through meditation and conscious living.
Krisana Locke is a certifying trainer for Osho Meditation Facilitators.
More info about her work and platform: www.tantric-energetics.com







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