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July 2013

Humaniversity AUM Meditation – down to feeling(s)
“…free your pain into love…”

Humaniversity AUM (Awareness Understanding Meditation)- a  way to be a friend to yourself…and to make new friends!

I was at the Osho ashram in Pune – India – the first time I did the AUM Meditation. That day during the  morning coffee  and in Multiversity center there was some “extra” excitement in the air, maybe because Veeresh and his “gang” from Osho Humaniversity Institue in Holland had just arrived and at night they were going to lead the AUM Meditation. Many people were talking about Veeresh, “stories” and methods in the old times of AUM marathon in Pune. My curiosity was increasing, listening to different opinions and versions being expressed; well, I always liked some controversy and rebellion  … And as my way is “experience is the thing “, that night I was present in the “bunkers” of Pune to participate in this AUM Meditation.

…and WOW!…I honor what I sweat, my tears and laughter, my jumps and screams, “le carrousel de ma vie” was there; during 3 hours I could resume and I did a check in of different aspects of myself, of my life with a loving and crazy supportive friendly crowd. Some people that I met first time there became real good friends in time. At the end of the meditation I could feel an enormous ecstatic loving energy together with deep inner silence. I realized immediately that AUM Meditation would be for me like OSHO Dynamic Meditation, part of my weekly regular practice in coming years…and they both are!

AUM Meditation- being a social meditation as I interact with other people- brings me permanently to the present moment; I face or look at myself with and through the others. That’s a practice that I can apply in my day by day life. I became more aware of my emotions and more clear about the choices I have when I need to answer (not react) to a more “challenging” situation.  These years of practice are my best health insurance till now

I am glad and honored I can share today Humaniversity AUM Meditation with friends I meet along the path.


“No fact ever creates any psychological pain.
It is the interpretation that brings pain to you.
Pain is your creation, because it is your interpretation . . .
. . . drop all interpretations and the fact is simply a fact,
neither painful nor pleasant. “
Osho, Unio Mystica, vol. 1

AUM Meditation is a 2 ½ hour guided journey through different aspects of our emotional life. In this adventure- which combines movement, role playing and vocal expression- we learn to master our emotions by expressing different states of mind, moving from one polarity to the other.
The process takes us from negativity to positivity, from anger to love, from crying to laughing, from catharsis to stillness, to finally bring us back into our center.

The fourteen stages of this higly active and interactive meditation are accompanied by specially designed and often uplifting music. The stages feature a variety of emotional expressions, Bio-energetic exercises, dance and encounter.

AUM is a great opportunity to resolve emotional issues in one’s life with the added focus on personal awareness. The process supports the ability to develop a sense of clarity about one’s moment to moment life choices – to respond rather than feeling overwhelmed whenever strong feelings arise.
AUM stands for Awareness, Understanding and Meditation and it’s one of the basic and most powerful techniques used at the Humaniversity. The AUM is also unique because it is a Social Meditation. This means that your co-meditators will support you and act as mirrors in which you will be able to see yourself more clearly. The AUM is designed to help you to deepen friendships and create new ones. It will get you in touch with your power and vitality but also with your inner silence.

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