Osho Studio Berlin offers Active and Passive meditation techniques. They were created by the contemporary mystic Osho for modern people living in todays world where work, stress and media forces pull on everyone. Osho observed the scattered self of contemporary man and recognized that new meditation methods are required for a meditation practice.  The methods are designed to move your state of being from activity to silence.  They use different methods to suit different types of people and range from softer to more vigorous techniques. Some active meditations use breath, sound, movement, dance or some form of catharsis and centering to prepare the ground for relaxation, awareness and silence. Once there, inner silence, awareness and understanding begin to flourish

Dance is a way to connect through music and movement with yourself in silence. There are a variety of dance classes and events that are occasionally accompanied by live music.
Biodanza  Biodanza, an invitation to celebrate Life with joy, dance, motion and emotions. You will discover your own expressions on the different moves of the music and within the heartbeat of the group. Feel the present – dance.
Creative Dance Tribe  A weekly gathering of dance and free movement lovers on a wave of beats and wild spirit. This regular Thursday dancing event takes place at the Osho Studio and is open to all. It is a way to connect with music, movement and the community in a non-verbal way.

Yoga in English This Yoga class in English welcomes all students from a range of backgrounds and levels of experience – from beginners to the more advanced. The teaching is based on Vinyasa style; movements connected with the meditative flow of breath.
Pilates Mat Classes utilize the exercises created in a contemporary context, focusing on deep engagement of core muscles and breath. Correct body mechanics, co-ordinated breath and a clear mind body-connection are featured.
Body Activation  A new approach to fitness that releases stress, realigns the body, and corrects problems that come from repetitive movement such as prolonged computer work and other activities that compromise the neck and spine, as well as other parts of the body. Body Activation is the result of Michele Kadison’s over 30 years experience teaching dance. Her in-depth knowledge of anatomy and kinesiology combined with precise imagery, detailed instruction, and hands-on guidance is designed to promote healthy and lasting results.

Regain the whole range of your breathing and claim back the fullness of your life. The main tool that connects the mental, emotional and physical bodies together, to allow clarity and transformation to flower.


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